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Welcome to the Apache OpenDAL™ community!

Every volunteer project obtains its strength from the people involved in it. We invite you to participate as much or as little as you choose.

You can:

  • Use our project and provide feedback.
  • Provide us with the use-cases.
  • Report bugs and submit patches.
  • Contribute code, documentation.

Mailing list

dev@opendal.apache.orgDevelopment related discussionsSubscribeUnsubscribePostArchive
commits@opendal.apache.orgAll commits to our repositoriesSubscribeUnsubscribeRead only listArchive

Please make sure you are subscribed to the mailing list you are posting to!

If you are not subscribed to the mailing list, your message will either be rejected or you won't receive the response.

How to subscribe to a mailing list

Before you can post a message to a mailing list, you need to subscribe to the list first.

  1. Send an email without any contents or subject to (replace listname with dev or user)
  2. Wait till you receive an email with the subject "confirm subscribe to". Reply to that email, without editing the subject or including any contents.
  3. Wait till you receive an email with the subject "WELCOME to".

If you email us with a code snippet, make sure that:

  • you do not link to files in external services as such files can change, get deleted or the link might break and thus make an archived email thread useless
  • you paste text instead of screenshots of text
  • you keep formatting when pasting code to keep the code readable
  • there are enough import statements to avoid ambiguities

Issue tracker

We use GitHub Issues to track all code related issues:

You must have a GitHub account to log cases and issues.

Bug reports

Found bug? Enter an issue in the issue tracker.

Before submitting an issue, please:

  • Verify that the bug does in fact exist.
  • Search the issue tracker to verify there is no existing issue reporting the bug you've found.
  • Consider tracking down the bug yourself in the source code of OpenDAL and submitting a patch along with your bug report. This is a great time saver for the OpenDAL developers and helps ensure the bug will be fixed quickly.


Enhancements or new feature proposals are also welcome. The more concrete and rationale the proposal is, the greater the chance it will be incorporated into future releases.

Source code

Upcoming Community Events

For now, we have a single community event known as the Community Sync Meeting. This meeting is open to everyone.

During the meeting, we will cover various topics including project status, roadmap updates, and other relevant discussions. We will also have a Q&A session at the end of the meeting.

Attending the meeting presents a valuable opportunity for you to meet fellow community members and gain deeper insights into the project. Moreover, it provides an excellent chance for active involvement in the project's activities.

We currently organize the community sync meeting every three weeks, with one scheduled at 09:00 UTC+8 and the other at 19:00 UTC+8. These two meeting times alternate between each three-week cycle.

The following is the calendar of the community events:

If you prefer to add these events to your personal calendar, please use this iCal link: Add to your calendar.


Thank you to all the contributors for your selfless dedication and expertise in making this project more comprehensive and valuable. We sincerely appreciate your support and efforts!

PMC members and Committers

The committers list could be found here.


The contributor list could be found here.