Module opendal::raw

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Raw modules provide raw APIs that used by underlying services


  • Only developers who want to develop new services or layers need to access raw APIs.
  • Raw APIs should only be accessed via opendal::raw::Xxxx, any public API should never expose raw API directly.
  • Raw APIs are far more less stable than public API, please don’t rely on them whenever possible.


  • Providing adapters and its implementations.
  • oio provides OpenDAL’s raw traits and types that opendal returns as output.




  • VERSION is the compiled version of OpenDAL.


  • Underlying trait of all backends for implementors.
  • Layer is used to intercept the operations on the underlying storage.
  • LayeredAccessor is layered accessor that forward all not implemented method to inner.
  • Part is a trait for multipart part.


Type Definitions

  • FusedAccessor is the type erased accessor with Arc<dyn Accessor>.